Cool Christmas gifts for men or gifts for groomsmen

I’m so excited to share these gift ideas for groomsmen or your favorite men for Christmas! 

I often get people sending me items they want to feature on my blog.  I am NOT one to post or share anything that I don’t fully love. So the things I share below are things I’ve actually bought or received that I really think are good quality and the men in my life will love!

I’ve copied and included links for you to easily find them and purchase.  This can save a ton of time and energy as I’ve already done the research. But, in full disclosure (which I’m all about), I was sent a ton of items that I didn’t love and those are NOT shared here.  I’m only sharing things that I would personally purchase. Additionally, some of the items are items I’ve purchased for loved ones and liked them so much, I’m making them available via my Amazon affiliate link.  Those I get a tiny stipend, but you won’t pay more for the item to accommodate that.  Click the link to view my fun suggestions!

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How Write a Review for your Wedding Photographer

I really appreciate anyone who clicked this link to learn how to share your experience with your wedding photographer.  And if you are a JVP Bride – then I so appreciate you!!  I am always most appreciative of my JVP Brides that leave reviews!!

I have the best job in the world working with brides who are in love.  They always have the best friends and family members.  Capturing all of them for my couples so that one day their children can relive their wedding day makes my heart melt!

When my brides leave a review, it enables me to work with more brides like them!  The majority of brides that book me are referrals from brides or their family and friends.  This is so great because I love photographing weddings from a referral – because **SECRET** most brides refer people like them and I LOVE my brides! Click the link below to read the tips!

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You’re Engaged? 4 Tips to Help you Plan!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is an exciting moment in your life! After you make all those fun phone calls to your best friends and family members, there will be a moment when you think, “OH. MY. GOSH! I’m getting married, now what?!?”

It’s always a great idea to take a few weeks for everything to sink in before you get started planning.  But below are 4 tips of things you can get started on after you take that time to really discuss with your fiance what you want your wedding to be like.

SET THE DATE: Consider this carefully. If you have an open wide budget, choose any date. If you are on any type of budget, know that the day is the biggest expense or biggest budget saver. For example, if you are getting married in the most popular months of June, August, September, or October – those will cost you way more than say January, February, and March because those are the least popular (which means the least expensive). Additionally, Saturday night is….. Click the link to read more!

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To Garter Toss or Not to Garter Toss – That is the Question!

The Garter Toss like the Bouquet toss is a traditional part of a wedding that some brides are choosing to not do.  I always advise my brides to do whatever they want to do as it’s their wedding. Whether you do things traditionally, or completely modern, or as most of my brides – choose to do a bit of both, you “do you boo”!  You and your fiance can make that decision. 

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A Photographer Focused Wedding Timeline | Jen Vazquez Photography

I thought it might be helpful to share my ideal timeline with photography being highlighted.  This timeline is for you if you are a bride who wants a focus on photography, so you can relive your wedding day for years and years to come. This sample timeline (a roadmap for what’s happening when on a wedding day) is super photography friendly.  It also helps when things go a bit off on the wedding day as it allows for someone arriving late or a wedding vendor who doesn’t finish on time.

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Santa Clara Catholic wedding at Five Wounds with reception at Fiorillo’s Italian Restaurant | Clarissa + Franco | Jen Vazquez Photography

I had so much fun on Saturday when I photographed Clarissa and Franco’s wedding.  Their friends and family are such a blast and their moving and faith-filled Catholic Wedding Mass at Five Wounds Catholic Church of the Diocese of San Jose was one of my favorites over the last 10 years. Enjoy living their special day through the images below.  You can view the vendors that helped to create this day below the images.

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