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Every small business has a story, a history, and a mission that drives them. What better way to capture your uniqueness than curated images that help tell that story.
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Hey there, radiant entrepreneur! I’m Jen Vazquez, your go-to cheerleader and visual storyteller, dedicated to empowering and transforming your business through visionary brand photography and brand videography.

Why Choose Jen Vazquez Photography?

📸 Confidence Unleashed: I specialize in working with women who might not feel entirely comfortable in front of the lens. Together, let’s transform that discomfort into unapologetic confidence. Trust the process – a fun and empowering photography and videography experience awaits, celebrating the incredible woman you are now and the fearless entrepreneur you’re becoming.

🎉 Playful Business, Powerful Results: If you’re a hyper-busy, fun-loving business owner, we’re a perfect match. I thrive on helping playful entrepreneurs leverage the magic of images and motion to sell their business. Let’s craft a brand that not only attracts but deeply resonates with your soulmate clients.

💖 Unforgettable Branding Across Pixels and Frames: Your brand deserves to be as unique as you are. I specialize in crafting empowering and unforgettable branding photography and videography that tells your story authentically, capturing the essence of your business.

Autoimmune Author, nurse educator + family health coach | Bay Area Brand Photographer Jen Vazquez Photography


Why You Need a Brand Photo Shoot: Hey there, savvy small business owner! Ever think about how you’re not just running a biz, but weaving a tale? Your journey, your triumphs, and your mission are like the secret sauce that makes your business sizzle. Now, imagine capturing all that awesomeness in curated snapshots – it’s like bottling up your essence in pixels! Your brand deserves visuals that speak volumes, that shout “This is us!” louder than a foghorn in San Francisco Bay.

Brand Photography of Maura Rodgers A Registered Dietitian of San Mateo California non-dieting approach to wellness
Jen is an amazing photographer! She makes the whole process fun and relaxing and her instincts are SOOOOO good. I knew I was going to be happy with the photos but when I saw the finished photos I was stunned. They were so beautiful and were perfect for my website as well as for personal use. I cannot recommend her enough! She is truly amazing!
Michelle Farris
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi! I'm Jen!

Hey, I’m Jen – your go-to photographer since ’09!

  • Vibrant Vibes: My style? Think colors that pop and real moments that shine.
  • Laugh Expert: I’m not just a photographer, I’m your personal giggle-generator.
  • Camera Shy? No Problem: I’ve got your back – even if you’re camera-shy.
  • Your Favorites:  Unlike most photographers, I let YOU pick the photos from all photos taken!

Let’s chat and make memories happen – I’m just a click away! 📸✨

Let's Connect!

Located in the Bay Area I travel all over California and around the country to take photos.

They say I bring the good vibes – I mean, who doesn’t want a laugh-filled photoshoot, right? I’m like your personal laughter coach, making sure those grins and giggles are captured in all their glory.

I specialize in giving camera-shy business owners a VIP treatment.

Let’s make memories and have a blast while doing it –  let’s turn your visions into frame-worthy realities! 

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Brand Photography of Maura Rodgers A Registered Dietitian of San Mateo California non-dieting approach to wellness
Brand Photography for Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist and Podcaster Susan Talamantes of Jireh Artistry by Jen Vazquez Photography
Elevating Entrepreneurs through Visionary Photography and Videography Bay Area Northern California San Jose photographer
Jen took branding photos for a new business I was starting and she did an AMAZING job! She knew all of the important shots that I would need specifically for marketing purposes. She coached me through what I needed to do to prepare for the photo session in order to make the most of the time we had together. We were able to produce so many different looks all in a very short amount of time! Jen truely listens and cares about her clients and I absolutely LOVE HER!
Brand Photography for Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist and Podcaster Susan Talamantes of Jireh Artistry by Jen Vazquez Photography
Susan Talamantes of Babes Building Empires
Wedding Hairstylist + Makeup Artist Business Coach

Ready to Command Your Brand & Maximize Your Impact?

Imagine a brand that not only reflects your essence but also commands attention through visionary brand photography and brand videography. It’s time to attract your soulmate clients effortlessly. Let’s build a brand you love.

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Brand Photography for Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist and Podcaster Susan Talamantes of Jireh Artistry by Jen Vazquez Photography

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