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Demystifying the Cost of Lifestyle Brand Photography: A Wise Investment (That’s Worth Every Sparkle!)

In this sparkly world of visual storytelling, stunning images are your brand’s BFF. Lifestyle brand photography + videography is the magic that captures your brand’s essence in those oh-so-shareable visuals. 

But, like all good things, it comes with a price tag. Let’s break down why lifestyle brand photography costs what it does and why it’s the investment your brand deserves (think: confetti cannons of success!).

Professional Expertise (It's Like Having a Photography Fairy Godmother)

Imagine your photographer as your personal photography fairy godmother. They have years of experience, magical skills, and know all the secrets of amazing visual storytelling. They understand lighting, composition, editing…all the things that make your brand pop! This level of expertise is what makes your photos shine brighter than a disco ball.

Equipment and Gear (Think: Top-Notch Cameras)

Think of it like a super fancy photoshoot makeover! Professional photographers use top-of-the-line cameras, lenses, lighting…all the sparkly tools to capture your brand in its best light. Maintaining this gear is part of the magic, which is why it factors into the cost.

two children in pink shirts on the floor playing with a Meemzy Magic sensory kit on a multi-color rug of pinks, blues, and purple.

Location and Set Design (Your Brand's Dream Photoshoot Location) Here

Imagine your perfect photoshoot backdrop – is it a cozy cafe, a vibrant cityscape, or a beachy paradise? Finding (and sometimes renting) these dream locations, plus adding in props and styling, is key to crafting that “wow” factor. All this behind-the-scenes magic adds to the total cost.

Planning and Coordination (Like a Super Organized Photoshoot Party)

The best photoshoots are like well-planned parties! Photographers team up with creative directors, stylists, models, and makeup artists – it’s a whole crew to make your brand look amazing. The time and effort put into organizing this dream team is what delivers those incredible final shots.

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Post-Production (Adding That Extra Pinch of Sparkle!)

The magic continues even after the photoshoot ends! Post-production is where photos get retouched, color-corrected, and sprinkled with extra magic dust. This final touch ensures your photos are as flawless as your brand.

Licensing and Usage Rights (Get Ready to Share Your Photos Everywhere!)

When you invest in lifestyle brand photography, you’re also investing in the rights to use those fabulous photos everywhere! Think social media, website, ads, and maybe even a billboard (hello, superstar!). Different usage rights affect the pricing, ensuring your brand can shine anywhere it wants.

female makeup artist in pink putting red lipstick on a women for a photo shoot.

Return on Investment (ROI) – It's Like Money Raining Down on Your Business

The most important thing about lifestyle brand photography is how much it can give back to your business! High-quality photos grab attention, drive traffic, and make people want to be part of your brand world. So while it might feel like a splurge today, think of it as investing in future success – confetti cannons and all!


Lifestyle brand photography is more than just pretty pictures – it’s a smart investment in your brand’s future. Understanding what goes into the pricing helps you make the best decision for your business. Remember, amazing visuals can take your brand from ‘nice’ to ‘OMG I need that!’ (and that’s the kind of magic we all want).

We’d love to work with you to help you sell your services or products with our videography and photography services. Book a free call here.


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