How Write a Review for your Wedding Photographer

How Write a Review for your Wedding Photographer

I really appreciate anyone who clicked this link to learn how to share your experience with your wedding photographer.  And if you are a JVP Bride – then I so appreciate you!!  I am always most appreciative of my JVP Brides that leave reviews!!

I have the best job in the world working with brides who are in love.  They always have the best friends and family members.  Capturing all of them for my couples so that one day their children can relive their wedding day makes my heart melt!

When my brides leave a review, it enables me to work with more brides like them!  The majority of brides that book me are referrals from brides or their family and friends.  This is so great because I love photographing weddings from a referral – because **SECRET** most brides refer people like them and I LOVE my brides! Click the link below to read the tips!

How to prepare for your engagement session

What should I wear?  How should I do my hair/makeup? How long will it be and where? What should I do to prepare?  These are typical questions that I get when I schedule my brides for an engagement session, so I thought I’d write this blog to help them and also...

Preparing for a Newborn Portrait Shoot

Photographing your newborn is so important as they change so quickly during the first couple weeks.  I know from experience that after giving birth a mom tends to be sleep deprived and hormones are all over the place.  Remembering how they looked and slept isn’t...