How to Prepare for a Virtual Shoot by Jen Vazquez Photography

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How to Prepare for a Virtual Shoot by Jen Vazquez Photography


  • Find the light near a window with no direct sun rays
  • Tidy the room or the immediate area we will be photographing
  • Have your props and wardrobe changes on hand


  • Charge it fully
  • Clear at least 5-7 GB of space
  • Turn off notifications
  • Clean outer camera lens (not the selfie side)
  • Download the app to your cell phone Apple App OR Google Play 
  • Get your tripod ready (can be as simple as a stacked can of beans and a hair tie!).  Having a friend hold the cell phone, there may be motion blur, so best to set it up.


  • If you touch your phone during the shoot, please ensure you clean outer camera lens again as fingers have oils on them and make for a blurry photo.
  • Go to the app and share the ID number from the app me via text (408-462-0642)
  • Share with me the outfit(s) and location for the shoot, so I can confirm the light is good.  If not, no worries, I can always find a spot with good light.


  • Don’t delete the app or turn your phone off as the images will still be downloading.
  • You will get the edited images within a week to your email.  It will be a gallery where you can make a favorites list and then download them all

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