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Tips about bridesmaid gifts and some inspiration

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Bridesmaids gifts are a great idea.  It’s a great way to ask them to be in your wedding party.  Here are some tips:

Don’t Rush!

Don’t rush out and asked your bestie right away.  Take some time to make the right decision.  Here’s a blog post that can help you with that decision.

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When Should You Get Them?

There no particular timeframe for getting and giving bridesmaid gifts.  Aim for no later than one to two months before your wedding, since the last thing you want to do the week before your wedding is shop for presents. You can wait for seasonal sales or search for the perfect gift.  

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How Much Should You Spend?

Consider two main things when budgeting for bridesmaid gifts:

  • how much your wedding budget will allow
  • how much your bridesmaids are spending to be in your wedding.

The first question is obvious, spend what you can.  Remember that it’s how thoughtful the gift is not how much you spend.

The second one is a little trickier.  Keep in mind that your bridesmaids are spending money to be in your wedding.  Think of the parties leading up to the wedding, sometime travel and hotel and the wedding attire also.   $50 and $150 is a typical budget.

The maid of honor typically gets something a bit more special and don’t forget flower girls, and junior bridesmaids.

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When do you give them?

There are a couple ways to give them:

  • Give part of the gift or the whole gift when you ask them to be in your wedding
  • Give them at the rehearsal dinner
  • Give them the morning of your wedding when you are getting ready
  • Create a bridal party luncheon a few weeks before the wedding and give them then

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Note: While I chose these gifts as things I would personally give, some of these links are affiliate links where if you purchase, you won’t pay more but I’ll get a tiny stipend.  

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Simply Stemless

• Vacuum Insulated
• Cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3
• 304 Grade – 18/8 Stainless Steel
• Copper Coated Insulation
• Sweat Free and Holds 12oz
• Premium Commercial Grade Outdoor Vinyl for Name
•Hand Wash ONLY to Receive the Longest Life Possible for Vinyl 

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Personalized Makeup Bag 

  • Set of 6
  • Great Gift for Bachelorette Party
  • Customized With Wedding Date, and Names
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Proudly designed and printed in United States 

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Box

  • Bridesmaid Box
  • Two colors
  • Multiple options
  • Handmade
  • Personalized box with bridesmaid name

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Bridesmaid Gifts Earrings

  • 18K White Gold plated, Grade AAAAA Tear Drop Cubic Zirconia 
  • POST Earrings H 1/2 in (1.3 cm) x W 3/8 in (1 cm), Hypoallergenic
  • Hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free. Will not tarnish with proper care and will not turn skin green
  • Included: “I couldn’t say ‘I Do’…” card, gift box & ribbon. 

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Cool As Ice Tumbler

  • Dimensions: Approx- 8-1/2″ (H) x 2-3/4″ (D)  20oz capacity
  • Multiple colors and patterns and personalized
  • BPA-FREE, Non Toxic Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel Bottles
  • Vacuum Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold for 24 Hours, Hot 12 Hours
  • Clear Push on Lid
  • Stainless Steel Straw

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Bridesmaid Robes by Hundred Hearts

  • Handmade
  • Thousands of reviews
  • Multiple colors to fit any wedding color scheme


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