Three questions to ask yourself before asking a friend to be a bridesmaid

Three questions to ask yourself before asking a friend to be a bridesmaid:  

Most brides don’t think a lot about who they pick for their bridal party.  They look around their friend circle and family and make decisions on who will have hurt feelings or if they said you’ll be in their future wedding, etc.

Additionally, don’t pick people because your fiancé has more people than you have or vice versa.  You can alway have three people walk down together to offset the numbers, if needed.

Here’s three questions you can ask yourself that will help you make the best decision on who will be in your wedding party so that you won’t regret it or have drama leading up to the wedding or during the wedding day.

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1. Why do I want this person in my bridal party? Did you consider her because she asked you to be in her wedding? Or did you ask because you’ve been talking about being in each-other’s wedding since middle school? Don’t feel obligated – consider you will spend a full day with this person on a day that can be crazy and stressful – will they help or exasperate the stress?

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2. Would we let a small fight ruin our friendship? Planning a wedding is stressful, will this ruin your friendship if you snap at her due to stress or will she take it in stride loving and supporting you anyway? If you had fights over small disagreements in the past, just invite this friend as a guest — not a bridesmaid.

3. Will I still talk to her in 20 years? You’ll have memories and photos of your wedding for the rest of your life. Do you want this person in the pictures you’ll have forever? On the opposite side of this argument, your wedding represents just a small time in your life so if she’s important now, perhaps you should ask her! It’s hard to predict the future, of course, but trust your gut here.

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