I had so much fun on Saturday when I photographed Clarissa and Franco’s wedding.  Their friends and family are such a blast and their moving and faith-filled Catholic Wedding Mass at Five Wounds Catholic Church of the Diocese of San Jose was one of my favorites over the last 10 years.

They celebrated their reception at Fiorillo’s Restaurant in Santa Clara, California where they danced the night away with so many loving friends and family.  The food was amazing and the service was the same!

Enjoy living their special day through the images below.  You can view the vendors that helped to create this day below the images.

Clarissa and Franco’s engagement story:

Franco took Clarissa had plans for their birthday trip to Disneyland.  Franco let Clarissa know that he was going to first take her to Monterey.  Monterey is both of their favorite place to eat.   

Franco got them a special table with an ocean view. Right after they sat down, he took Clarissa’s hands in his and said she was very special to him and how he could see a future with her.

He appreciated how sweet she is to his family and felt that they shared important values as a couple.  Then he took out the ring and asked her that special question.  You might guess her answer since I’m sharing wedding images (hehe).   

Their Engagement Session

I was so honored that Clarissa and Franco chose to fly in from Phoenix, Arizona to do their engagement session. They chose the iconic Los Gatore Theatre for their first location as they wanted to do something special for Franco’s love of theater.  He was a theater major and photographing those two love birds in the Los Gatos Theatre was a perfect fit.  They enjoyed some popcorn and we had a blast!

Their second location was in nature.  This was chosen as Clarissa wanted greenery all around.  Lost Gatos had no shortage of green trees and nature!  Clarissa and Franco were so fun to work with.  You can view those images here.

Jen’s favorite memory

I have so many memories from their wedding! They love to dance and enjoy tequila shots, which is my personal fav!  Their friends and family were so much fun and we laughed a lot.

But picking just one memory of the day – I would have to say the Mass.  As I’m Catholic, Masses have special meaning to me and I love photographing them.  This Mass with their special so many cultural moments with their Godparents, moms and other family member.  Here are a few:

  • They applied the wedding lasso: A sparkly rope sometimes called, “lazo” is placed around the bride and groom’s shoulders (groom’s shoulder’s first) in the form of an “8” (the infinity symbol) – after they have exchanged their vows – to symbolize their everlasting union. 

  • They used the Arras: A set of 13 gold coins, that are presented to the bride as a symbol of the groom’s trust in her. This tradition is incorporated into the wedding mass with an intricately decorated gold box or tray.  These coins become a part of their family heirloom.

  • Flowers for Our Lady of Guadalupe: The presentation of a special bouquet of flowers at the foot of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an established Catholic tradition. The flowers are presented to the statue as an offering of love for the Mother of God. A shortened version of the Ave Maria is often played or sung at this time.

  • Blessing the bible and rosary:   Couples do this as the blessing is on the foundation and the cultivation of spirituality life to Christian marriage.

Wedding Vendors

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