It’s no surprise that the first glimpse wedding guests see is the decor. So, I created this list of things you should consider before you choose your wedding decorations.  Here are some aspects to consider when deciding on what decorations to be used at the wedding:

Pick your Style

You can’t choose your wedding decor without knowing what you want people to feel and know about you.  Is your wedding going to be classic, glamourous, bohemian, minimalist? If you want to know which you think your wedding should be, check out my “what type of bride are you quiz”.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself.  Will the wedding be formal or casual? Do you want it to be traditional or contemporary? If you already picked your wedding dress or venue, those will be clues as to your style.

Once you figure that out, you’ll have an idea of what your wedding will look and feel like.  TIP: Don’t buy any decor (even if on sale) until you figure this all out.diate family tables reserved and everyone else can sit whereever.  There are many possibilities but they all involve different amounts of work and things to purchase.

The main thing to do is to make a list of items needed vs wanted for the reception decor — and go from there. 

Color Scheme

When you pick your wedding colors, you should consider a few colors, then black or white, and finally a metal (silver, gold, rose gold, pewter, etc.). 

This combination will make it easy to pick any items for your wedding including dishes, accents, utensils, bridesmaid shoes, and on and on.

Venue will decide

Knowing the venue helps to inform what you need by way of decor.  If you were getting married in an outdoor space with a ton of flowers around, you may not need as many florals.   Or if you are getting married in a barn, you may need more flowers or use natural decor like hay and baskets.  

The venue may not let you tape or pin anything to the walls, so you may need to consider creating ways to decorate.

Types of Guests

Consider if you’ll have a number of kids at your wedding.  If you will, you may need to consider non-fragile decor.  You may also want to include an area with coloring books, and stuff to keep them busy.   

Budget and essentials first

Your budget will decide how you pick decorations, but always consider those things that you MUST have.  For instance, if you secured a venue that doesn’t include dishes, silverware, glassware, etc – those are first on the list.

Remember there are many options budget-wise for a lot of areas.  If you are renting chairs, you don’t need the most expensive, unless that super important to you, then know you’ll have less in your budget for other areas.  You can use plants that you can keep versus flowers that only last a day or so.

When you decide on something, it may mean you need more things than you think.  An example is a seating chart.  You can have a seating chart which means you need something to purchase or DIY’s where people walk into the reception and table numbers.  Or you can just put the name at each table placing or have only immediate family tables reserved and everyone else can sit wherever.  There are many possibilities but they all involve different amounts of work and things to purchase.

The main thing to do is to make a list of items needed vs wanted for the reception decor — and go from there.

Special or Luxury Decor items

If you have room left in your budget, you can consider adding specialty decor that isn’t necessary but will make your wedding dream come true.

Maybe you want a really special backdrop to where your ceremony is instead of what is already there.  Or maybe you want to get extra fancy tablecloth and chairs for the sweetheart table.   

Consider an area that is left blank and what you can do to fill it like a flower wall that will also serve as a stunning photo backdrop for your guests. Or hiring a videographer.

Maybe you want a cool dessert display like a chocolate fountain or donut wall or maybe a fancy lighted dance floor.

My only advice is to keep these things until the end of your wedding decor so you have the budget you need for essentials.

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