wedding cake tips for brides by Jen Vazquez Photography.  Learn #allthethings you need to know about picking your wedding cake.

Before you even consider cake tasting, you’ll want to make sure that you have these three things for sure. your wedding date, your venue, and your estimated number of guests.  These are the first thing a cake artist or baker will ask you before they can let you know the pricing, or if they are even available for your date.

Another thing to think about is that your wedding cake is carefully chosen by you to capture your day.  You may have the theme or colors considered or you may want to use your cake as a way for your guests to know you as a couple (think cake topper)  Having said all of that,  you don’t want your cake set up in a dark corner of the room. Bring it to the middle of the floor so that all your guests can see and enjoy it when you cut it. Here are some tips to think about:

Romantic Ranch Wedding at Coyote Creek in California | Amanda + Robert_0092


Place the cake where it will be seen! Most venues will have a “spot” for the cake.  They will essentially tell you that’s where they put the cake.  But, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go for something different.  The venue can put the cake where you want it.  Many of my clients have it set up in a corner and then bring it out to the middle of the dance floor to cut it.  This allows for the images of you cutting the cake to have all your guests gathered around and is a favorite shot of my brides!


Think about the backdrop and make sure whatever is behind your cake isn’t too busy and/or won’t take away from the cake. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful cake with a lovely backdrop of AV equipment or fire extinguisher.  Also, consider the light.  While your photographer will use a flash, but it’s always best to have a well-lit area so the image is better.  Less flash = prettier image – always!

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Be creative with what you put the cake on! You can rent or purchase a statement piece of furniture. If you are limited for some reason, consider a special table cloth that is different than the other tables.  It will do wonders to hide an ugly table!

Cake stands

Cakes ALWAYS look better on a cake stand. A cake stand will elevate your cake, instantly creating more presence in the room. A cake stand adds value, especially for smaller (single or 2 tier) cakes, tricking the eye into thinking you have allocated more $ towards your cake.  Sometimes your cake artist will lend you one or you can purchase one that goes with your theme or decor.  Note that this is a piece you can use in your home for birthday cakes.

20191102 Rocklin Event Center Pale Pink Wedding | Meghan + Esau | Jen Vazquez Photography_0100


Add some pieces and props to the cake table, this will help create a connection to the overall style of your wedding and make for some epic photos. I’ve seen brides use images of their parents and grandparents cake cutting as decor.  You can use florals – either extra or use bouquets from the bridal party.  I’ve seen arches or deserts surrounding it on varying sizes for decor.  See the next tip!

Elegant Blush Wedding at Gilroy Estate | Kayla + Chris_0094


Reusing some of the items from your ceremony space is a great way to create magic, and get the most out of your florals and hired furniture. If your arch can be moved safely, use it to frame your cake. If you have a gorgeous registry table, can this double as your cake table?


One of the most important things to remember is to make sure that the cake tastes good.  This is something you’ll decide when you cake test.  I recommend taste testing 2-3 cake artists / bakers that are in your budget and you like their cake images.  Then you can pick the cake that is the tastiest.  Guests remember decor, food and cake, so make sure it tastes as good as it looks!


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