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Top Wedding Trends

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Below are top wedding trends.  These trends were gathered from multiple wedding experts.

Navy is the new black

Instead of black for suits/tuxes and bridesmaids dresses, Navy is going to be more popular.  This color will spread throughout the theme of the wedding and be included in cake, invitations, and linen.   It’s a great way to use a color other than black.  This invitation suite created by Altogether Lovely Shop.

Invitation Suite by Altogether Lovely Shop.

Silver and chrome

Metallics have been really popular, in 2018 it looks like Silver and Chrome replaced rose gold that was popular in 2017.  And now is gold!  Gold accents everywhere.

Elevated Food and Beverages

According to Martha Stewart Weddings Wedding food and drinks have been getting more and more unique each year, but Brandi Hamerstone, a wedding planner at All Events Planned, expects to see couples really go for it. “This trend is happening mostly by a push from the groom!” she adds. “Having a bar with several versions of bourbon (or whiskey and tequila), special glassware, and a knowledgeable bartender is a fun concept for everyone. It’s best to have something like this only available through the cocktail hour or later in the evening as it becomes a focal point and will definitely pull people around and keep them engaged.”

Wedding dresses

According to The Knot, capes and capelets were a big hit on the fashion runways this year.  Additional the traditional ball gown made it’s way back and will be seen at weddings. If you are not into veils, then Capes are a great alternative.  It adds dimension but in a modern way.  Additionally it can serve as a way to have an outfit change (without having to physically change or purchase another dress), just take off the cape.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The biggest thing will be lace, according to The Knot’s report on what hit the runways.  It’s a great alternative to sequins and beading.  These bridesmaid and maid-of-honor dresses by Epiphany Bridal Boutique in Carmel. Models (left to right) Claire Torres and Kirsten Swidler.

Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor dresses by Epiphany Bridal Boutique in Carmel.

Traditional Weddings

A lot of couples will be going back to formal weddings according to several wedding planners. “The return to formality is the pendulum swinging back from the super-relaxed and laid-back weddings we’ve seen over the past five years thanks to the rustic and Coachella-style that has inspired couples,” WeddingWire trend expert Anne Chertoff tells Refinery29.

Pedestal Vases

According to IFD Flower Trends Forecast, Floral trends are going to be in opulence and royalty with pedestal vases as centerpieces.  The colors will be saturated and bold.  The floral design below was created by Dubon Floral Design.

This floral design created by Dubon Floral Designs in San Jose, California

Deserts, not just cake

Creative desserts,” Nora says, “such as popsicles, custards, and ice cream sandwiches” are what couples are serving at the end of the night. But this doesn’t mean that wedding cakes are going away. Beth explains, “Wedding cakes are back, and the cake cutting ceremony is coming back. Couples want that photo in their album, the same one their parents have in theirs.

Woodsy or Nature Looks

Brides who want a rustic look and feel will start steering away from the barn look to a more “woodsy” look according to Taylor Green of Taylor Elise Events in St. Louis, Missouri. This includes a lot of greenery in the florals and green as the wedding’s main color. “We’ll also move away from burlap and see more wooden details,” she explains. Wooden details can include the invitation, table numbers, seating cards, tags, chargers, signage, chairs, and tables.”  Dresses below by Epiphany Bridal Boutique in Carmel. and floral design by Dubon Floral Design in San Jose.

bride and maid of honor in Gilroy California at Fernwood Cellars Redwood Retreat wedding gown and sequin pink gown by ephiphany bridal
Wedding gown and Bridesmaid dress by Epiphany Bridal Boutique in Carmel.



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