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Top 4 Tips for Summer Weddings.  I just love summertime weddings!  Did you know that it’s actually busy-season for wedding photographers because most weddings are during the summer?  I get a front row look at summer wedding trends and I can’t wait to tell you the top tips for summer weddings.

Gold Silverware

There aren’t very many options to silver wear (wood, silver, gold, and plastic come to mind) but this season it appears it’s gold. They even have rose-gold silverware that come in plastic for bridal parties or very casual weddings (think BBQ only upscale).  From afar, they look totally real.

Color Theme: White

The trend for color themes during summer is White with accent colors of pink, mint green or gold.  No matter what colors you pick, make them something you’ll love to be surrounded by.

what kind of bride are you? JVP20171209RubyHill-455

Modern cake design

The deal with cakes this season is a simple design with edible gold accents/florals, fondant, and texture.

Place Cards/Glass Signage

I see a big insurgence of place cards placed at the table instead of at a table inside the event room.  Or you could write in white pen on glass signs (think old windows).

No matter if you go with the trends or go your own way, make it your very own it!  Personalize it with things that you’ll have in your home for decor.

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