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Top 3 tips to selecting a Wedding Hair and Makeup vendor

Top 3 tips to selecting a Wedding Hair and Makeup vendor by Cassandra McClure

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cassandra McClure who specializes in in luxury hair and makeup for weddings, boudoir and other occasions.  I’ve asked her to provide some tips for my brides and grooms for selecting a wedding hair and makeup vendor. Here is what Cassandra said:

Los Gatos wedding vasona lake 9
This is Cassandra McClure. She does makeup/hair and also models! Florals by Dubon Floral Design and wedding gown by Epiphany Bridal in Carmel.

1.  First impressions matter. Do you LIKE him or her? You should really get on great with your artist! If you have hesitations with their personality (even if their work is amazing) it is probably best to try someone else.

JVP20171209 Ruby Hill Wedding212

2.  Do they have a DIVERSE portfolio. If the artist has 50 blue eyed, curly hair brides on their website its great if YOU also want curly hair, but what about mom and grandma? If the artist is providing service to more than 1 person, be sure to identify photos of clients that are similar in age, hair type and ethnicity so that you can be confident that your artist can deliver on all cases.

Cassandra McClure did the makeup and hair for this bride model and Host of ThisISSF Host Rob Parks-Valetta. We filmed at The Fitz Place in San Martin, California and it’s airing Saturday May 26, 2018 at 3 pm and again on Saturday June 9, 2018 at 3 pm.

3.  How quickly did they get back to you after inquiring? Did they offer more than 1 way to contact them? Communication is important and if they take over a week to reply to an email, in the form of a text message, you might want to reconsider hiring them! Its reassuring if the artist has been recognized in their industry (either by their peers or clients, or both!)

JVP31817-Wedding Bells-121
Cassandra and her team do hair and makeup for Miss Silicon Valley 2017, Sabina Chaudhuri for Wedding Bells 2017 Bay Area Baraat Bridal Fair at the Double Tree in 2017.

Jen Vazquez Photography Bridal Boudoir shoot at the Fitz place-541
Bridal Boudoir at the Fitz Place in San Martin, California. Makeup and hair by Cassandra McClure and her team.

If you are planning a wedding, check out Cassandra McClure and her team.  You can reach her by clicking here —> 

To see more wedding tips, please click here —> see more information here

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