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To Garter Toss or Not to Garter Toss – That is the Question!

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The Garter Toss like the Bouquet toss is a traditional part of a wedding that some brides are choosing to not do.  I always advise my brides to do whatever they want to do as it’s their wedding. Whether you do things traditionally, or completely modern, or as most of my brides – choose to do a bit of both, you “do you boo”!  You and your fiance can make that decision. 

Now, if you are going to do the garter toss, I have some tips (of course!!):

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You need a song for the garter toss.  It typically has a striptease cadence, and the groom typically dances about a bit before getting the garter off your leg with his hands and in some cases his teeth (hehe).  I would definitely pick the song that your fiance likes best. To help, here are some songs:

If you notice a pattern of older songs, you are right.  I researched a ton and didn’t find any modern songs on any list anywhere.  Keep in mind that you can literally pick ANY song you want! 

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Toss It Away

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A tossing garter (a WAY less expensive garter) is a good idea to buy so you can keep your wedding garter to save with your other memories.  If you do have a tossing garter, then you should wear it below your keepsake one. Also, you should instruct your fiance that it’s going to be the one closest to your foot so he doesn’t accidentally take off the one you are keeping.  


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Keep it PG

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I’m not saying you can’t have fun with the whole process, I’m just warning you and you can warn your fiance that you’ll have not only your parents looking on.  You will be having all your family including your grandparents.  

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Kids or No Kids

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Make sure to consider if you want kids on the dance floor when you toss the garter and bouquet.  Many of my brides are frustrated when kids go onto the dance floor. They ARE single. And end up getting it.  The portrait I take with the people who caught the bouquet and garter toss will look a bit odd with kids. If you don’t mind, then no worries.  

If you don’t want that, then you should definitely let friends and family know ahead of time and have the DJ announce adults 16 or 18 or older only on the dance floor.

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Keep your Photographer in Mind

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I always encourage my groom when throwing the garter to fake throw first and then really throw.  WHY? Well typically 90% of the time we are inside a venue and I need a flash for my camera. Flash’s take a beat to regenerate to flash again.  If there isn’t a fake throw first (which everyone always laughs at), then I either capture the groom throwing OR the guys catching. I, of course, want both images.  If you want both images too, then remember to fake throw first – wait for laughter while I move around to focus on the guys catching.

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In Conclusion

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As always, you two should do whatever you want on your wedding day.  I just wanted you to have some good info in case you are having a garter toss! 

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