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So You Hate Cameras and Have a “Maybe Later” with Your Body Image? Let’s Slay Brand Photography Together!

Hey there, gorgeous souls! Jen Vazquez, your resident hype-woman, here to whisper sweet nothings (and actionable tips) into your ear about brand photography.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Cameras? Ugh, the horror!” or “Maybe after I shed those last five pounds…” But hold your horses, because I’m here to tell you that brand photography is your secret weapon, not your kryptonite.

Think of it like this: you’ve built this incredible business, a masterpiece of passion and hustle. But without stunning visuals, it’s like hiding your Mona Lisa behind a dusty curtain. Brand photography is the spotlight that illuminates your brilliance and makes the world take notice.

Red Dress in a photography studio. Brand photog of Megan Chandler a Hair Stylist in the Bay Area, California by Jen Vazquez.
women sitting at a desk with a laptop and coffee cup.

And yes, even if the camera makes you want to crawl under the rug, or you’re rocking a “work in progress” body, here’s why you should still rock that photoshoot:

1. It’s not about perfection, it’s about connection. We’re all human, with quirks and imperfections that make us unique. Authenticity is what resonates with people, not airbrushed facades. So embrace your realness, and let your photos tell the story of your amazing self.

2. Confidence is contagious. Stepping outside your comfort zone and rocking that photoshoot is a power move. It shows you believe in yourself and your brand, and that confidence radiates through the lens. Trust me, people will feel it, and be drawn to it.

3. You deserve to feel fabulous. Professional photographers are magicians with light and angles. They’ll make you look your absolute best, highlighting your strengths and minimizing your “meh” bits (we all have them!). So get ready to be pampered, empowered, and showered with compliments.

Plus, here are some bonus tips for camera-shy beauties:

  • Find a photographer you vibe with. Someone who gets your personality and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Focus on the fun, not the flaws. Dance, laugh, tell stories – make it an experience, not an ordeal.
  • Wear what makes you feel amazing. Confidence is the best accessory, so rock that outfit that makes you strut like a boss.

Remember, your brand is an extension of you. And you, my dear, are a masterpiece, ready to shine in all your glory. So ditch the doubts, embrace the magic of brand photography, and watch your business soar to new heights!

P.S. Need a partner in crime to capture your brand magic? Hit me up! Let’s cook up some visual masterpieces that’ll leave you saying “Damn, I look good!” and the competition saying “Where did she get those photos?”

Go forth and slay, gorgeous souls!

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