I had so much fun on Saturday with Meghan and Esau’s wedding!  Their friends and family were so sweet and lovable!  They had their ceremony and reception at the Rocklin Event Center and it was beautiful!

Enjoy living their special day through the images below.  You can view the vendors that helped to create this day below the images.

How Meghan and Esau met:

Meghan and Esau met at schoool at a study session for the final for their religion class. Meghan helped Esau to pass the final and ultimately pass the class! 😉

Their First Date

When I asked about Meghan and Esau’s first dateh, they had two different opinions.

Meghan said that they went to dinner at Chipotle and saw the movie, “Saving Mr Banks.”  They talked the whole movie and then sat on a bench outside looking up at the stars as they continued to talk.

Esau will tell you that their first date was to a sushi buffet at the beach and Meghan’s roommate tagged along for the ride, but thanksfully not the date.

How Meghan Knew Esau was the one

Asking about Meghan about when she knew she Esau was THE ONE, she said, “I knew he was the one when he helped my friend and I pick up hay from the feed store. This was before he even asked me to be his girlfriend. He offered to help us since he had a truck so we didn’t have to put the hay in the trunk of the car lol.”  Now THAT is love!!

Their Engagement Story

The engagement story of Meghan and Esau starts at Mehan’s mom’s house as they were getting ready to head to pizza for their Thanksgiving together.  This was their first non-traditional thanksgiving since we had such a traumatic year.

Meghan thought he was going to ask for her mom and stepdad’s permission to marry her.  She thought this because a few days before he had asked Meghan’s dad in front of her for her hand in marriage.

Esau ended up asking her right then and there!  He said if he waited any longer he was going to burst! He proposed to her in the middle of the living room.

We had a blast photographing their engagement session at Bernal Historic Ranch and you can see those images here.

Their Engagement Session

Meghan and Esau decided to travel down to me in San Jose from Northern California.  We met at Bernal Historic Ranch, also known as Bernal-Gulnac-Joyce in South San Jose.  They both wore boots (which they wore at their wedding) and we so darling together.

They couldn’t stop smiling and sharing looks of love with each other!  I just knew their wedding would be a blast!  You can view their engagement images here!

Jen’s favorite memory

I have a ton of memories from their wedding! Meghan and Esau both were so calm.  The only site of nerves was from being the center of attention.  They were so excited and looking forward to being man and wife that they were smiling from ear to ear and had no concerns.

Having to pick one memory from the day is so hard!  I’ll pick two – one was Esau dancing with his sisters.  His mom sadly passed away but the love his three sisters has for him and seeing them cry as they each took a turn dancing with him, was heart melting.

The other was that Meghan’s mom surprised her and Esaur with a horse drawn carriage.  She LOVES horses and so upon their bubble exit, they unwittingly walked out to see the horse drawn carriage.

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Rocklin Event Center

Groom/Groomsmen Attire:  Mens Wearhouse

Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle and Chantilly

Wedding Gown Purchased at: Diamond Bridal Gallery

Wedding Gown Style: Allure

Hair:  Carissa Dobson

Makeup: The Makeup Girl 

DJ:  Total DJ 

Cake: Pushkins Bakery 

Florals:  Mom’s Flowers

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