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Places to take photos in San Francisco

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San Francisco is the scene of countless books, blockbusters movies, independent films, sitcoms, and classic songs. There are a certain aura and appeal of the city that draws in people from all walks of life. It’s this diversity and the city’s rich history and unique landscape that makes this a gorgeous location for portraits. Below are a few locations to take photos in San Francisco:

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Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach: Some of the most spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from Baker Beach. It’s like a postcard, the Marin Headlands visible to the east coupled with the rugged cliffs of Baker Beach, clean sands and the crystal blue and green Pacific Ocean surf. I love shooting here.

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Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field: Photographing from Crissy Field gives a different perspective from that of Baker Beach. Crissy Field is on the Bayside, south of the Golden Gate, and offers sensational views of Marin County and some San Francisco landmarks, including the Palace of Fine Arts. Crissy Field is located north of the Marina District in San Francisco, close to Golden Gate Park and the Presidio.

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Golden Gate Park:  Golden Gate Park has acres and acres, 1,017 acres to be exact, of gorgeous, lush parkland to take breathtaking portraits! There are so many locations within the park that make for amazing pictures. Some favorite spots include the Botanical Gardens, The Japanese Tea Gardens, JFK Drive, The Conservatory of Flowers, and Stowe Lake.

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Sutro Baths:  Sutro Baths provide a really great rustic look with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, the Farallon Islands, and the famous Cliff House. Sutro Baths are located at the north end of Ocean Beach close to Geary Boulevard.

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The Palace of the Legion of Honor:   One of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, the Palace of the Legion of Honor offers staggering views of the city, the Pacific Ocean as well as offering a plethora of wonderful locations and features columns that have a gorgeous, grandiose feel.

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The Palace of Fine Arts:  The Palace of Fine Arts is unique in that it offers both a refined and rustic appeal full of San Francisco character and artistic history. Think big stone pillars.  It really is a fabulous location – grand and glorious and just full of San Francisco charm!

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Potrero Hill: For those who love sweeping city views, Potrero hill is a fabulous location – especially on a clear day. Potrero Hill sits within one of the best micro-climates in San Francisco and the views of the City are usually unobstructed by the fog.

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China Basin:  On a clear, sunny day China Basin offers some of the most wonderful bayside photo opportunities. You can get close to the water with fabulous backdrops such as the world-famous Giants Stadium, boats, and the Bay Bridge.

I’d love to photograph you in one of these locations – contact me.

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