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Jessica Bryant of Sleep Happy Consulting | Lifestyle Brand Photos in San Diego |Sleep Consultant

Sleep, that elusive treasure that new parents crave, can transform your life, and Jessica Bryant, the face behind Sleep Happy Consulting, understands this journey all too well. Jessica invited us to capture her passion for improving sleep, her dedication to helping families, and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise in a recent photoshoot at the Intercontinental Hotel San Diego. The result? A series of images that reflect her role as a sleep strategist and your biggest cheerleader.

A Journey of Discovery

Jessica’s journey with sleep began as a new parent, much like many of her clients. She, too, cared deeply about the restful nights she and her family desperately needed. What she didn’t expect was that her five-month-old baby would soon be sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am each night. It was this experience that ignited her passion for helping others achieve the same restful nights.

Combining Expertise and Experience

Over the last seven years, Jessica has leveraged her own experiences as a parent and her professional background as an early childhood intervention specialist to develop the Sleep Happy Plan. This comprehensive approach has been a lifeline for over 1800 families across five different countries, helping them achieve the blissful sleep they deserve.

The Intercontinental Hotel San Diego: A Perfect Setting

Our photoshoot with Jessica took place at the Intercontinental Hotel San Diego, a place known for its luxurious ambiance and tranquil surroundings. This setting was a perfect match for Jessica’s mission to bring peace and tranquility to families’ sleep routines.

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The Face of Sleep Happiness

In every image captured during our photoshoot, Jessica’s warmth, passion, and dedication to her clients shine through. As a sleep strategist, she empowers families with the knowledge and tools to establish healthy sleep routines for their little ones. Her cheerful and supportive nature makes her the perfect cheerleader for your journey to restful nights.

Sharing the Journey

Jessica’s goal is to use these captivating photos on social media to not only share her services but also to provide valuable insights and free offers related to sleep happiness. Her online presence serves as a beacon of hope for parents seeking sleep solutions, making her expertise accessible to a broader audience.


Jessica Bryant of Sleep Happy Consulting is not just a sleep strategist; she’s a dedicated advocate for restful nights and happier families. Our photoshoot at the Intercontinental Hotel San Diego was a celebration of her commitment to improving sleep for families around the world. Through her expertise and the power of social media, she continues to be a guiding light for parents on the path to sleep happiness.

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