Jasmine Star on CreativeLive changed me!

I am so inspired by Jasmine Star. She is one of the (if not THE) Best Wedding Photographer in the world.
jasmine star creativelive 1
Her qualities are many!:

She is real: Her motto of KIR or Keep It Real is a mantra she truly seems to live and work by. She shares herself wholey and her ability to not hold back helps to inspire and teach photographers.

She has an upbeat positive energy: I believe this is so important in life but it helps to create really beautiful images of people engaged. She helps people to open up so Jasmine can capture their love on film

She believes that customer service is emparative: From her past work with Nordstrom, she’s said that they taught her the personal thank you note and doing what’s right for your customer. Because she provides such a full customer experience, they are inclined to share their experience which boosts her business as it creates evangelists.

She cares: She truly cares. I could see and hear it in training videos and podcasts, but to meet her in person and have her look into your eyes and truly hear you (not just listen) was amazing.  I could feel her empathy.

jasmine star creativelive 2


I was searching over the last couple of months to see if Jasmine was having any kind of speaking engagements or workshops, even in Southern California (about 6 hours away from the San Francisco Bay Area where I live).  I was so excited when I saw a commercial about her upcoming class on CreativeLive. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was accepted out of hundreds, thousands, millions or billions =} of people who filled out the request.

jasmine star creativelive 3


I have learned more from her in the past several lessons in her The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience class through CreativeLive, than in the last few years. I can honestly say that I have 2 pages of actionable items that will not only improve my photography or business, but how I present my brand and extend my personality into it.

I feel more confident, motivated and ready to move forward and be a better photographer!

Thank you CreativeLive
Thank you to all my co-students (from all over the world that attended in person and online)
THANK YOU Jasmine Star for everything!

And don’t forget! As Jasmine always says, ” KIR (Keep It Real)!”

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