How to Choose your Wedding Colors

Hi there brides!!  I know that for most brides the first step in dreaming about planning your wedding is figuring out the wedding colors.  I thought I’d bring you some times to narrow down your color theme and then let you feast your eyes on some Instagram inspiration!

Choosing the venue or the colors first — that is the question!

If you secured your venue or have a venue that you dearly love, then you may need to choose the colors that fit in that location.  Some venues are a plain palette but some have a color all their own and you don’t want your colors to clash with the venues.

If chosing your colors is more important, then you may want to choose a venue that fits into your color scheme or pick a venue that is more of a blank slate.

What month are you getting married

Depending upon the time of year you are getting married, you may be inspired or choose to pick colors for that time of year.  You may not want pastels in winter or bright bold colors in the winter.  Ultimately the choice is yours so if you do want pastels and you are getting married in December, ROCK it girl!  2020 is a time to not follow tradition and rock your own style! 

Once fashion trend to work certain seasonal colors into another season is the texture.  For instance, you may want a thicker material for the bridesmaid dresses in winter and/or not choose velvet material in summer. 

Consider the “feeling” you want in your wedding

Your wedding colors can help create a vibe for your wedding day. Consider the style and atmosphere you want to have, whether it’s relaxed or nostalgic, and what colors put you in that mind-set.  Again, you can use any color to create a feeling, but if you use all dark colors as an example, but want a light airy romantic feel – that may not come across.  

Consider what you love

You can take a look around your home or in your closet to see what colors you naturally gravitate to.  You can also look on Pinterest for color palettes and you’ll naturally be drawn to certain colors or color combinations.

TIP: If you want to have large wedding images on your wall for decor, you may consider colors that best go in your home decor or consider changing your home decor to fit your wedding colors hehe!

Pinterest Research

A great way many of my brides and my daughter planned her wedding colors is to research on Pinterest.  You can create a “secret” board for your wedding colors.  Look at anything and everything (not just weddings, but home decor, etc) and pin things that you are drawn to.  Do this daily for a week and then come back to it the following week.  Do you see a pattern, do you see colors and blend well together?  You will have a pretty good idea of what your eyes are drawn to and create your wedding color palette.

TIP:  Checkout this cool color wheel creator tool by Weddingwire.

Consider a color wheel

What most creatives (think artists, clothing designers, home decor designer, etc) know the basic principle to pick matching colors that go well together are ones that are opposites on a color wheel because they pair a cool and warm (pinks and blue greens). The other basic is that color pairings that are in the space next to eachother work well because they are similar to each other and share a primary color (yellow and orange). 

Don’t stress – it’s your decision

You will have so many decisions to make during this wedding planning that you will literally get sick of making decisions.  It is helpful to solicite advice so that you can make the decision.  But all of these well-meaning family and friends that offer you advice may get old.  As I typically advise in most situations, this is your wedding and you and your fiance should be making the decision. 

A simple phrase that will save you during this whole wedding planning process is, “Thank you so much! I apprecaite the advice.  My fiance will be taking everything into consideration and ultimate making the decision”.  It may not work with all family members, but remember to be polite and appreciative because they do mean to help === it will just get old really quickly.

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