Henry Cowell State Park Anniversary Shoot with Chocolate Labrador

I’m so excited to start with my 7 on 7 project.  Each month I, along with several talented photographers, will be sharing 7 photos on the 7 of each month.  This month, I am sharing photos from a visit to the woods with my daughter and her husband to celebrate her 3rd wedding anniversary.

We went to Henry Cowell State Park in Felton California. A tip for photographing in the woods: Because of the tall trees, you want to photograph more midday as later in the day, when it’s the best time to photograph (2 hours before sunset), it will be darker because of the tall trees.

godvia labrador's pooch Blue on an Engagement shoot in Henry Cowell State Park

They brought their chocolate labrador named Blue, and also my grand-puppy! He’s a tall field lab and has the sweetest disposition. While he looks imposing, he would actually lick a burglar and invite them to play with his “baby”, gently loved stuffed animal elephant.

The shoot reminded me of an engagement shoot because I wanted to capture the love they share for each other. You see, they were high school sweethearts. Falling in love at 15. When all of us said it was puppy love, my daughter and her husband knew they were meant for each other. They got married on their 10 year anniversary and amazinglyenough, they truly love each other more today than they did on their wedding day.

I’m such a proud parent at how mature their love is, filled with communication and vulnerability, while having so much fun together. It’s all a mom could wish for their child.

Hope you enjoy the images. Once you’re done, click on over to check out the always beautiful photos from my friend Kristina

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