Head Table vs. Sweatheart Table

The Head Table – Pros

  • You are in the middle of your loved ones:  You can put the table in the middle and have tables surrounding you.  Being in the center of the action where you can feel the love, is a wonderful feeling.  The wedding is about you and your new husband’s nuptials so to build a seating plan around the you as a couple seems appropriate.  You can also put several tables in the middle so your wedding party can sit with their spouse or significant other.
  • It’s yet another way to honor those close to you. Choosing to host a head table or have your head table in the middle of the room is yet another small way to ensure your wedding party friends and family members who stand by you while you get married feel special.
  • Your friends and family don’t feel separate from you. Instead of you and your new husband feeling separate from everyone, you get to feel like your apart of the group and guests and in the middle of all the celebrations.

The Sweetheart Table – Pros

  • You get to spend time alone with your new husband:  Unless you have an intimate first look or plan time to spend with each other after the wedding alone, you won’t have any time alone with your new husband.  A sweetheart table gives a private table where you can talk to each other alone. The day flies by and sometimes brides and grooms don’t really get time alone unless they are doing their first dance.
  • Your bridal party can sit with their husband or boyfriend. Having a head table, even if you are in the middle of the room, typically only the wedding party sits at the head table so you’ll often find the head table empty because the wedding party is mingling with guests or loved ones.
  • You’ll feel the need to stand up and converse with all guests. Having a separate table will force you to get up and visit with your guests and it’s a place that people can walk up and visit with you a bit more privately.  Your guests and loved ones will appreciate the special attention they receive from you and your new husband.