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Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

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Here is your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide!

I hope that this guide helps you relax because YOU GOT THIS!!

I hope my tips and words of advice from over 10 years of wedding photography experience help you (not to mention I planned my wedding and helped my son and daughter to plan theirs).  I obviously am slanted to a photography-friendly wedding so your photographer captures all those special details that you can relive it over and over in years to come.

Just remember that this is your wedding and you can go traditional or non-traditional.  Throw out the “must-haves” you hear and do what you will love!

It is a PARTY after all!
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Are you getting married and looking for a photographer?

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I’d really love to chat briefly to learn about you and your sweetheart and what you have planning for your wedding.  Click HERE to schedule a free consultation by phone or video chat!!