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Today we are talking about Elopements VS. Micro Weddings.  

Whether it is because of family drama, budget, or this pesky pandemic, a lot of couples are choosing other ways to get married.  Today I’m discussing two of them, Elopements and Micro Weddings.

People are choosing one of these, not just because of the coronavirus but also because they are romantic, intimate, affordable, and stress-free.

It’s also focused on you two getting married rather than a big party for your friends and family. My brides are adventurous, playful, and fun, so these options are a perfect beginning for their love story and perhaps you’ll choose it also.

Elopements are just the couple.  Micro Weddings include a very small guestlist 

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What is an Elopement?

An Elopement is about two people, madly in love and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together now rather than plan an elaborate wedding over 1-2 years.  Most often, they are secret and done on the down-low and in beautiful locations other than where you live. 

Typically it’s an adventurous location like the beach or cliffs or in another country.  The options are endless.

A true elopement is just you two and a person to legally marry you, plus a photographer that you love.  Typically, the couple picks the photographer they love to work with and bring them along to capture the amazing adventure. 

It’s important to pick a photographer who is well versed in elopements as they need to be able to handle any situation whether it is lighting or location.  They also need an adventurous spirit to be climbing a mountain or getting into water or dirt to get the best images.


Budget for Elopements?

Most of my brides and grooms typically end up budgeting between $5,000-$10,500+ as they like to include not just the wedding itself, but their photographer, attire, traveling, rings, and printed announcements in their overall budget.


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What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro Weddings are a full wedding but with very few guests.  They can often be week-long or weekend-long events with immediate family or nearest and dearest (typically under 45 people).  

The bonus of these weddings is the bride and groom get to have exactly what they want from decor to venue to the tiny details to welcome their guests and make them comfortable. Typically the florals and meal are to die for and impressive. 

The photography is the same as a typical wedding but with much more time for photographing details and family members as well as the bride and groom portraits because there are many fewer guests.

These weddings can take place any day during the week, but most couples tend to opt for something Monday-Thursday, or on weekends during off-peak seasons.

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What is the Micro Wedding Budget?

Many couples spend the same amount as typical weddings but because there are so many fewer guests, they get to spare no expense on everything they desire.  While other couples choose to save the extra money on fewer guests and such to save for their new home.  

Most couples pick the best photographers and videographers so they can amazing images and video so they can share with friends and family that didn’t go. Many couples Livestream their ceremony, so everyone they know can join in.

Either of these types of weddings is great if you are looking for low stress and the wedding of your dreams.  If you are considering an adventure, I’d love to join you and capture the moments that unfold!  

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