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Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up: 22+ Props to Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot (and Set Your Brand on Fire!)

Brand Photography for Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist and Podcaster Susan Talamantes of Jireh Artistry

22+ Props to Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot

Hey there, vibrant souls! Ready to ditch the same ol’ coffee mug monotony and spark a branding photoshoot that explodes with your unique energy? Let’s toss the textbook and dive into a world of props that scream “This is me!” and amplify your brand story like a megaphone on karaoke night.

#1 Unleash Your Daily Rituals:

Forget staged perfection! Show us your real-life magic. Is it sipping a sun-kissed smoothie while tending your urban jungle? Or maybe it’s belting out power ballads in your PJs? Whatever gets your soul humming, let’s capture it in all its authentic glory.

#2 Bling It On, Baby!:

Accessories aren’t just for outfits – they’re personality paintbrushes! Rock that statement hat, those vintage sunnies, or the sparkle-bomb necklace that makes you feel like a disco queen. Let your style speak volumes (and sparkle even louder).

#3 Show Off Your Tools of the Trade:

Who needs a boring laptop when you’ve got rainbow sticky notes, a podcasting setup worthy of a rockstar, or a makeup brush arsenal that would make Beyoncé jealous? Flaunt your work essentials with pride – they’re not just tools, they’re an extension of your creative fire.

#4 Put Your Products in the Spotlight:

Got something you dream about sharing with the world? Bring it on! Whether it’s your handcrafted ceramics or your mind-blowing coaching program, let’s make your offerings the stars of the show. No products yet? No worries! Flash those beautifully designed business cards or client testimonials – your passion is contagious.

#5 Page-Turners and Inspiration Seekers:

Are you a bookworm with a literary soul? Show off your go-to reads! Let the spines of inspirational biographies or dog-eared travel guides peek into your world of endless curiosity.

#6 Snack Attack! Fuel Your Fire:

Food isn’t just fuel, it’s a personality party! Whether it’s blending a kale-and-kiwi smoothie like a wellness warrior or popping the cork on a celebratory glass of bubbly, let your snack and sip choices tell your story with a delicious wink.

Autoimmune Author, nurse educator + family health coach | Bay Area Brand Photographer Jen Vazquez Photography

#7 Celebrate the Wins (and the Future Cheers!)

Got big milestones to brag about? Grab those balloons, light the sparklers, and pop the champagne! No wins yet? No biggie! Let’s stage a pre-victory party – your enthusiasm is contagious. Every success story starts with a spark, and yours is about to ignite!

#8 Word to the Wise (and Bold!):

Sometimes, words say it all. So why not shout them from the rooftops? Letterboards, lightboxes, even a canvas splashed with your motto – let your message roar in vibrant typography.

#9 Mark Your Calendar, Globetrotter:

Got wanderlust simmering in your soul? Showcase your travel bug with a vintage suitcase, a stack of dog-eared travel guides, or a map adorned with pins marking conquered (and future!) destinations. The world is your oyster, let’s show it off!

#10 The People Power Posse:

They’re not just props, they’re your support system! Include your clients, family, or furry friends to add a layer of connection and warmth to your photos. Your tribe tells a story of community and collaboration – what could be more powerful?

#11 Your Furry (or Feathery) Family:

Let’s be honest, pets steal the show every time. So if you’ve got a cuddly cat, a dapper dog, or even a chirpy parakeet, bring them along! They’re not just adorable, they’re a reflection of your big heart and the love that lights up your life.

Brand Photography of Maura Rodgers A Registered Dietitian of San Mateo California non-dieting approach to wellness

#12 Hobby Hero: Unleash Your Passions:

What makes your soul sing when the work is done? Whether it’s painting vibrant landscapes, whipping up culinary masterpieces, or geeking out over DIY projects, bring your hobby essentials to the party! It’s your time to shine, passion included.

#13 Music that Moves You:

Are you a melody maestro? Grab your favorite instrument, a vintage record player, or even let your playlist tell the story on your phone. Show us the rhythms that fuel your fire and make your heart dance.

#14 Travel Tokens: Show Us Your Wanderlust:

The world is your canvas, so paint it with travel! Globes, dog-eared travel journals, souvenirs from hidden gems, or a map adorned with pins marking conquered (and future!) destinations. Let’s showcase your adventurous spirit and wanderlust in all its glory!

#15 Your Signature Scent:

Everyone has a scent that lingers in memory. Bring your favorite candle, perfume, or essential oil – the one that wraps you in a warm hug of your essence. It adds a personal touch and a sensory dimension to your brand story.

#16 Beyond the Mug: Sip & Savor in Style:

Sure, coffee mugs are comfy, but let’s get creative! Show us your quirky teacup collection, your chic cocktail shaker, or your eco-friendly water bottle adorned with motivational quotes. How you sip speaks volumes about your style and personality.


There’s magic in handwritten notes and well-loved journals. Showcase your planner, a diary filled with dreams, or even a sketchbook bursting with ideas. It’s a peek into your mind, your creativity, and the stories you long to tell.


Are you a kitchen wizard with a secret recipe? Bring on the signature dish, the special ingredient that makes your taste buds sing, or even your favorite cookbook filled with culinary adventures. Share a slice of your life, one delicious bite at a time.


Do you have a favorite book, movie, or historical figure? Channel your inner superhero, rock a vintage costume, or bring in props that reflect your passions. It’s a playful way to show your unique interests and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Embrace the green! Plants, flowers, and even a mini herb garden add a fresh, vibrant feel to your shoot. They tell a story of growth, nurturing, and a connection to the world around you.

Women smiling at the camera with her hand on sticky notes on the wall in a brand photo in Los Altos California at the Sunlight Space.

#21 Sticky Note Symphony: Color & Chaos Welcome:

Sticky notes aren’t just for reminders, they’re bursts of creativity! Write motivational quotes, client testimonials, or your wildest to-do list on them. Stick them on laptops, walls, or create a rainbow mural – it’s functional, fun, and totally you!

#22 Beyond the Laptop: Tech that Fuels Your Fire:

Yes, phones and laptops are handy, but what tech makes your life tick? A smartwatch buzzing with reminders, a tablet displaying your inspiring mood board, or even a quirky USB drive – let’s show how you leverage technology to make your dreams a reality.

#23 Get Fit & Fabulous: Show Your Active Glow:

If fitness is your jam, flaunt it! Yoga mats, running shoes, dance shoes, or even your trusty bicycle – they’re not just exercise tools, they’re props that showcase your energy and the balance you bring to life.

Bonus Tip:

Remember, the more props, the merrier! Variety is the spice of life and photoshoots! So, mix and match, get creative, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in every quirky object you choose.

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Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography
Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography
Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography
Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography
Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography
Ditch the Laptop, Grab the Glow-Up 22+ Props To Ignite Your Next Branding Shoot Jen Vazquez Photography

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