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Top 10 Tips for Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots by Jen Vazquez Photography Bay Area Photographer

Top 10 Tips for Corporate Headshots

It’s important to put your best foot forward on your company website, LinkedIn, and other social sites.  You want to balance looking good with looking like yourself.  There is nothing worse than having someone meet you for the first time and say, “I didn’t recognize you from your picture”.  Yikes!  Here are 10 tips to help you get the best and most flattering corporate headshot:


  1. Hire the right photographer.  You want to project an interesting and natural-looking facial expression while producing both realistic and flattering facial expressions. Working with a photographer that you feel comfortable with will help you achieve this goal.
  2. Drink lots of water and be well-rested before your photo shoot.
  3. Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good.  I suggest you bring a few options and you may consider buying a new outfit for the occasion. We always feel like a million dollars in a new outfit.
  4. For business attire, choose colors that people have complimented you in.  Additionally, bring a typical navy or black suit jacket so you have one super professional look. I personally do not recommend a white dress shirt by itself unless you wear it underneath a jacket.
  5. Avoid busy patterns, multiple bright colors, overly detailed items, and large stripes/polka dots unless they will be covered with a solid jacket. Lines and patterns distract from the face. We want your face to be the center of attention.
  6. Moisturize, even men.  It helps your skin to look smooth and supple, but avoid shimmers or products with lots of sparkle or shine.
  7. Keep jewelry extremely simple – smaller is generally better and avoid jewelry that distracts from your face or causes too much sparkle
  8. Style your hair like normal.  Don’t wear your hair in a style you don’t normally wear it. You don’t want people saying “That person looks nothing like their picture”.  You want to look like you, on your best day!
  9. Make-up should be clean and natural-looking. (again see tip #8 above)
  10. The most important tip is to have a fun and playful attitude. Don’t be too serious or overly self-conscious.  Relax and have fun and you’ll get some great images.

Jen Vazquez Photography is a Bay Area Photographer specializing in corporate and commercial brand photography.  CLICK HERE to update your LinkedIn or website photo today!