Cool Christmas gifts for men or gifts for groomsmen

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I’m so excited to share these gift ideas for groomsmen or your favorite men for Christmas! 

I often get people sending me items they want to feature on my blog.  I am NOT one to post or share anything that I don’t fully love. So the things I share below are things I’ve actually bought or received that I really think are good quality and the men in my life will love!

I’ve copied and included links for you to easily find them and purchase.  This can save a ton of time and energy as I’ve already done the research. But, in full disclosure (which I’m all about), I was sent a ton of items that I didn’t love and those are NOT shared here.  I’m only sharing things that I would personally purchase. Additionally, some of the items are items I’ve purchased for loved ones and liked them so much, I’m making them available via my Amazon affiliate link.  Those I get a tiny stipend, but you won’t pay more for the item to accommodate that. 

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First up is a golf shoe bag.  If your groomsmen love to golf, they are going to love this sweet gift!  It’s got their initials on it and fit golf shoe, a towel, bottle opener (see below) and other golf paraganglia.  It has a handle so it’s easy to carry and also clip on your golf bag. This is a great way to keep those golf shoes in good condition and not poke holes in everything they touch if not in a bag. 

This is my husband’s favorite! A wood dresser or desk organizer.  He stores his iPad, cell phone, keys, wallet, change, etc.  I love it because he doesn’t’ leave this stuff all over my house hehe!.  It has a cool monogram with his initial and it’s just manly!

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A favorite of my adult children is this bottle opener.  The image is of my husband’s which the whole family uses all the time.  I keep it in my “junk” drawer in the kitchen and everyone that comes to our house knows where to find it.

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I love this set of flasks.  Flasks are popular groomsmen gifts because…well, alcohol.  These are laser engraved to make sure the engravings are easily readable and won’t fade away even after years of use. I love that they list the initial, groomsmen’s name, wedding date, and the bride and groom’s name.  Plus they are cool!

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Next is a shot glass.  Who couldn’t use a shot glass?  What I love about it is that you can personalize it with the groomsman’s name, his role, and the wedding date.  Ah, memories!! You can also purchase for Christmas and add your loved one’s name, “best son” or something, and the Christmas date.

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If you have a family that loves survival gear and likes to go into the woods and “live off the land” like my husband, sons, and son in law, then this is an excellent gift. This 11 in one survival gear gift set has The cool gadgets contain includes: 3-mode flashlight, Handy Firestarter, Wire saw, Multi-functional saber card, Paracord bracelet, Carabiner, Water Bottle Clip, Tungsten Pen and Emergency blanket. 

This beanie hat is so cool for my teens and husband.  You can run outside or workout in the winter.  It keeps your ears warm and has Built-in earphones with rechargeable Li-polymer battery, about10 hours playing time, 1-2 hours charging time, and it’s easily recharged by Micro USB – USB charging cable.

If you are anything like me and you find it difficult to find a creative gift that your male family members actually use and love.  Here is a list of 65 top Christmas gifts for men that are creative and personalized.

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