Today I talked with Bec of Irie Weddings and Events and we talked about having cannabis at your wedding in a classy and safe way.

I asked all the questions, like what do you do about Grandma, asking about her insurance, asking about what happens if someone inexperienced gets too high.  She not only had the answers but she was very educational and that’s exactly what her Budtender’s do at a Bud Bar at weddings.

Whether this is something you would want at your wedding or not, it is very educational and interesting.  Check it out via podcast or youtube below: 

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Head Table vs. Sweatheart Table

Head Table vs. Sweatheart Table

Head Table vs. Sweatheart TableThe Head Table - Pros You are in the middle of your loved ones:  You can put the table in the middle and have tables surrounding you.  Being in the center of the action where you can feel the love, is a wonderful feeling.  The wedding is...