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Bridal Shower with a Succulent Theme

I had the pleasure of working with a bride named Devan who chose to have her bridal shower in her mom’s background which was able to hold all her friends and family member.  Her attention to detail was evident.  Just look at that fabulous champagne bar.  I was told it was super yummy with the fruit juices, as well as multiple types and flavors of champagne.   

Her theme was pink, mint green and succulents.  This is also her theme for her wedding.  She started when she got engaged planting and growing succulents to be able to have wedding decor.  Just look at those beautiful place settings.

She played games that most bridal showers include.  Games like designing her wedding gown and advice for the bride-to-be.  She enjoyed them all and everyone laughed a lot.

Her cake was extra dreamy with all the succulent decorations on it topped with a Bride-to-Be cake topper.

We took different portrait shots with her friends and family and they all loved that someone was there to document it all so they could enjoy their time together.