Should you do a Bridal Boudoir or Wedding Boudoir Shoot?  This is the most effective way to show your spouse-to-be that you are committed. (see the video below of a groom getting this gift) It’s a sexy and fun surprising gif that will keep on giving year after year.  It is a phenomenal way for you to feel beautiful and confident.  If you still aren’t sure, Here are four 5 reasons that you should:

1. To gain confidence in front of the camera

Chances are you are not a model and probably unsure or even shy in front of a camera.  Most people feel the same way when they consider doing a boudoir shoot.

But don’t be scared! Countless clients have shared with me that they were so nervous and unsure about doing it, but once the went through the shoot working with me, they felt sexy, beautiful confident, and are able to pose or take my directions with ease.

Bonus:  This experience helps you on your wedding day.  If you can become comfortable with this type of photography, your wedding will be a breeze, especially if I’m the photographer =}

2. Show him the ultimate commitment

This is something super intimate and especially for him.  It will show him how committed you are to him and show him he is your everything. Not to mention he’ll get such a thrill to receive a personal album as a gift right before he walks down the aisle to marry you.  He’ll love it!

3. To celebrate yourself

Every bride works so hard eating right and working out to have the best wedding body! So this is your chance to see some real benefits of your hard work.

Remember you will never be this young again.  Now is the time to get these pictures done, because you can’t reverse time.  You are also taking the first step to becoming one and merging your lives.  A Bridal Boudoir Session will start as a gift for him that will ultimately be a gift to yourself.

4. Spark things up

Clients have shared with me that after being with someone for a long time, things aren’t quite as exciting.  Just before a wedding, this would spark something new.

On a wedding day for a past client, she gave him a gift of an album with these images in it.  Her fiance said, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more when I saw these images!  You surprised me and I knew I was making the right decision by marrying you because I’ll never be bored!!”.

5 Fun Tradition Starter

One of my brides who got these images as a gift for her husband-to-be came back for another boudoir shoot to gift him on their first anniversary.  She ended up getting a piece of wall art for their bedroom.

She said she’s planning on doing these every 5 years for him on their anniversary.  She said she had so much fun and she felt so beautiful after getting the images, that it’s a gift to herself too!

Are you interested in doing a Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

If you are interested in finding out more, contact me.

bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0344
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0351
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0345
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0350
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0348
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0353
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0354
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0346
bridal boudoir by jen vazquez photography_0349

Wedding Vendors who created these images:

Location: The Fitz Place

Models: Marynel and Dorina

Makeup/Hair:  Cassandra McClure and Beautiful One Makeup

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