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Ask your Photographer for Vendor Recommendations

Why should you ask your photographer for vendor recommendations?  You should ask because they work with wedding vendors day in and day out.   They will know which florist designer has the best bouquets that pop.  They will also know which makeup artists apply the best makeup and makeup that lasts all day.  After hours of processing and editing the images of weddings, when you get to the end of the evening you’ll know when makeup stays or not. Trust that!

Makeup by Jireh Artistry in San Jose

If you’ve hired a photographer that you love and trust, it’s that person that will know the vendors that are not only good but the ones that will be the easiest to work with.  Vendors that get along with other vendors – and not just the bride and groom, are the ones that will help you to have the most perfect wedding. When a vendor works well with others, the whole wedding day will flow better and will come off without a hitch.

Centerpiece by Dubon Floral Design and rentals by Fine Linen Creations both in San Jose

So ask your wedding photographer before you hire other vendors.  They may just have the perfect vendor for your wedding cake, rentals, florist, videographer, caterer, etc.

Cake by Bay Cake Design in Morgan Hill

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Flowers by Dubon Floral Design, Rentals by Fine Linen Creations, Makeup and Hair by Jared Artistry, and Cake by Bay Cake Design. Tell them Jen Vazquez Photography told you to contact them!!