I often have people reading my blog and sending me messages asking where I purchased the things I talk about, so I’m including affiliate links – you don’t pay more, but I’ll get a tiny stipend for sharing the info when available.  No need to purchase that way at all – I just want to make it easy to purchase, if you choose!

OK…. Let’s Start!


1 – My husband (It’s our 21st wedding anniversary on August 9th!)

My husband is not only my best friend and father of my kids, but he is now my second shooter!!! YAY!!  I’ve been asking him to be my second shooter for 9 years.  He’s taken classes on photography when he was a teen and photographs often, but I totally had to beg him, until he relented.

One reason he decided to do it is that it allows us even more time to spend together.  With my teenager’s commitments and my busy business, not to mention helping in my church office three mornings a week – we don’t get much time together.

The second reason is that it’s nice to have voiceless communication at weddings, after so many years of marriage.  So when I need him to go around and photograph from another angle, I can just send him a look.  (All wives will be laughing right about now.)

He’s photographed the last three weddings and it’s taken so much pressure off me, just knowing he’s there (plus the benefit of having someone carry my heavy camera bags hehe)  We have such a blast.  We’ve made it a habit to request our first dance wedding song (“For you” by Kenny Lattimore) to our bride and groom, and after we are done photographing the time promised, we have a dance too.

NOTE:  The photos above are almost 3 years old, so we’ve scheduled new portraits of us having fun!  Plus we both have lost some weight and my husband lost the beard (thank goodness!!!).

2 – Camera belt and hook for my camera

Camera belt and Hook for hands free photography

This is something that I really love.  With all the weddings I’ve been shooting during “wedding season” (The busiest time of year for wedding photographers), it has saved my back and shoulders a ton!  Lifting my camera thousands of times during a wedding and holding it can leave me exhausted the next few days or week.  With this belt, it allows me to clip my camera and not hold it.

Another plus is it allows me to be able to use my hands to help to pose people.  You see, I’m Italian and I talk with my hands.  Now I’m not flinging my camera around as I try to communicate with my clients.

If you would like to get one, here is the belt and here is the hook.

3 – Rose Gold Pen with huge Diamond On TopRose Gold Diamond Pen Jen Vazquez Photography 7-2019_0167

I love to be very extra!! I also love anything blingy, so this pen is my “go to pen”!  What pen should a wedding photographer use? Well, of course, a rose gold one with a BIG diamond!  Now don’t be jealous and go gets yours with the link up there.  It also starts conversations everywhere I go!

4 – Reusable Straws

Favorite Hot Pink Reusable Straw Jen Vazquez Photography 7-2019_0168

Trying to do my part in helping the environment isn’t easy, but this makes it super simple AND I get to share my PINK obsession.  This silicone (wide mouth) drinking straw is great for my favorite smoothies (a blueberry banana protein shake, just in case you wanted to know).

These straws come with baby straw scrubbers to clean them.  Did you know it’s hard to clean out straws?  The best part is they come in really bright colors like purple, yellow, green, and my favorite hot pink!!

5 & 6– Fitbit Versa and the Pink Band

Fitbit and fitbit pale pink band Jen Vazquez Photography 7-2019_0166

Fitbit Versa Watch.  I love this so much because it’s less expensive than an Apple watch (bonus).  It gets texts, can play music, it’s water-resistant for my favorite exercise in the summer – swimming!  Plus, it tracks your sleep, steps, and exercise.  It enables me to be able to quickly view texts (in case it’s an emergency with my family) without looking at my phone, which is rude when you are photographing a wedding!

Of course, I have to have a pink band, so I purchased one that is waterproof on Amazon of course! Shangpule Compatible Fitbit Versa Bands, Nylon Sport Watch Band.  It doesn’t have a buckle, which is a must for me.  It has a creative button thingy that is super comfy, especially when sleeping.  It comes in multiple colors, but of course, mine is pink!

7 – JLab Wireless Earbuds

JLab Wireless Earbuds Jen Vazquez Photography 7-2019_0165

I just love them so much!  These JLab Wireless Earbuds are something I use daily, from listening to an Audible book (my favorite fiction author is JD Robb) or a podcast (did you know I have a podcast?) to watching a youtube video if my husband is watching something on tv I don’t want to watch (fishing, golf, or astrology stuff) =}.

The case also is where they are charged, so it makes it super easy.  There is a USB type plug built into the bottom of the case and I just pop it in my laptop to charge.  Plus when you aren’t wearing them, the case charges the earbuds.  It takes a bit to get used to wearing them, but they have alternative sizes of ear inserts that come, so you can choose what fits best.

7 on 7 Project

As many of you know, I am involved with a fabulous group of photographers from around the country.  This is a chance to read and learn about different photographers from around the world, as they share their images in a blog post.

Read below about my friend Kris of Kris McNeil Photography.  She always has gorgeous images and I confess, I can’t wait to see what she posts this month!. 

Please go check here out here!


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