Since the wedding day moves quickly, and every moment is so precious. By using these five tips to prep for my arrival, it truly allows us to maximize the little time we have to photograph the details and getting ready with your favorite ladies!

Tip # 1

I know that my brides typically like to plan things ahead of time so they can enjoy the day.  Preparing for my arrival actually begins before your wedding day starts! 

I start every wedding day on the floor with all the little details important to the bride. Some brides ask why I need to photograph details.  I tell them that it’s the easiest way to document all the things that make your wedding day unique to you and sentimental. Yes, things like wedding rings, engagement ring, the jewelry she’ll be wearing, gown, shoes, bouquet, invitation, and suite. But the really important ones are the family heirlooms (think something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue) like a bride’s grandmother’s handkerchief or ring she wore on her wedding day.  

Photographing the details gets me in the swing of things and warms me up for the getting ready images, as well as the rest of the day. These details are all the items that make your wedding yours.  

Take some time on Monday or Tuesday, the week before your wedding to locate the details that you would like photographed. Place your details in a container to go to the getting ready room.  That way, the moment I arrive, I can grab your box from one of your bridesmaids or mom in the bridal suite and take it by a window and away from the craziness of hair and makeup. This helps to eliminate the time it takes to gather all these items once I arrive.

Here is a list to get you started on what to think about.  This is your day, so you can choose what you want:

  • Your dress and bridesmaids dresses
  • A nice hanger for your dress (this may be the keepsake you bought that says bride/Mrs or a really nice wooden hanger that you’ll use to hang the dress on)  You don’t need one, but photos with a plastic hanger don’t look polished.
  • All three rings This includes the groom’s ring! (don’t be shy about getting your engagement ring cleaned so it sparkles!)
  • Veil and/or hairpiece
  • Shoes 
  • Jewelry you’ll be wearing (Including earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc.)
  • Keepsakes, heirlooms and/or borrowed, blue, old and new.
  • Perfume (some brides purchase a new scent so they can wear it on special occasions like anniversaries to remind your husband of this day.
  • Invitation suite: Save the date, the invitation itself, the invitation envelope, the reply card, reply envelope, reception card, information cards, etc. Basically, anything you sent your guests, save for me to snap a few photos of! Many brides mail it to me when they mail it to the guests.  You can do the same, just send me an email and I’ll provide the address.
  • Bouquet
  • Gift or letter from your future husband or anything else you want to be photographed.


Tip # 2

You’ve probably spent months daydreaming about the perfect bouquet. So obviously I want to photograph it when it’s brand new and plump and pretty.  I typically like to put your rings or jewelry with it as the backdrop.  

So, here’s the tip!  Please have your bouquet delivered to your getting ready suite BEFORE I arrive, if possible.  Otherwise, the only time I can photograph it would be during the portraits after the first look or after the ceremony. And think about it, you don’t want to stress about waiting for your bouquet to arrive.  


Tip # 3

Picture your regular getting-ready routine in the morning…I don’t know about yours, but mine usually involves my makeup (including brushes), hair bits, jewelry, a tiny bite to eat and probably some Tea to get me through the day.

Now picture that on steroids with multiple ladies also getting ready…. 

That means mess everywhere! Getting ready spaces are often pretty small, like hotel rooms.  Add to that small garbage cans and unmade beds and you have an after-party room.

You can bring a few garbage bags and designate a few besties to tidy up along the way.  Do you want to see a ton of stuff all over? Or do you want a clean and curated version for your wedding album?If you only clear a small area for me, this would be the area.

Tip #4

Clear a 2×4 foot spot in front of a window.  This is the best light around, and I love to use it to photograph your details in the best light.

I will also have you put your dress on (or zip up or button up the back), have mom help with the veil and jewelry all in front of the window.  The best light means even skin tones and flat lighting that allows for no shadows on the face. Think a beauty light. 

Tip # 5


Using all these tips, you can then sit back and be pampered and enjoy the day to the fullest, knowing that I’ll capture all those important images.

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to prepare for your photographer's arrival on your wedding day
to prepare for your photographer's arrival on your wedding day
to prepare for your photographer's arrival on your wedding day
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to prepare for your photographer's arrival on your wedding day