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5 Tips To Get the guests at your wedding dancing!

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Empty dance floors aren’t pretty.  It may be a surprise, but there are times when wedding guests need a little (or a BIG) push to get the party started. I’m gonna give you 5 tips to help ensure that happens!

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Tip #1: The DJ or Band Plays a huge role

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It’s important that you hire the right band or DJ.  It’s not just the right pricing or that they are nice, you need to see them in action. Recommendations from friends or family that heard of them is the best way to hire.  You want people who can handle any situation or type of guests – ones that know to try different solutions to get them on that dance floor.

I know you’ve been to a wedding where a well-meaning DJ plays a song that sends everyone off the dance floor.  Ask your potential DJ or band how they would handle that situation.

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Tip #2: Get Out There Yourself

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This seems obvious but it’s so true.  If you are out there, your friends and family will be.  They are here to support you and your fiance and if you are out there, chances are so will everyone else. Often times people don’t want to be the only ones out there on the dance floor — so get that party started! If they see you busting a move, they won’t hesitate to go have fun too! 


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Tip #3: Create a Wedding Day Timeline

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You need a timeline anyway HAHA, but a timeline is also important for this portion of the wedding.  It helps to ensure that you have a nice flow of dancing and not interrupt them. Your band or DJ are the experts turning down the music to launch into the next thing on the timeline list.  It’s recommended to have large sections of dancing in between different moments.

What’s typical for my brides, is to have toasts while people are eating dinner. Then after dinner first dances and everyone dancing. Then an hour later when feet start hurting, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, etc. back to back and end with all dancing.

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Tip #4: The Size of the Dance Floor is Important

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Sometimes, people have too small of a dance floor and your guests will get tired of bumping into people, not the mention the heat you’ll feel dancing so close to others. On the other hand, if the dance floor is too large, it always looks empty.  Your DJ or Band may recommend the size as will the venue. Just make sure that you let them know the number of guests and that you want a large focus on people dancing.

According to online wedding help sites (Zola, The Knot and WeddingWire), the general rule is to assume that half your guests will be dancing and that each dancer needs 4.5 square feet of room. So, with an intimate sized wedding of 32 guests, a 12’x12′ dance floor will be perfect. An average-sized wedding with 150 guests, 24’x24′ would work. And, if you’re having a big wedding with 350 people or more, go with typically the largest dance floor of 40’x40′.

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Tip #5: Allow Guests to Suggest Songs

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Brides and grooms often have hesitancy on this one, but know that you can create a list for your DJ or band with “banned” songs. These are songs you DON’T want to hear.  Allowing the guests to make recommendations, ensures that they will definitely be on the dance floor.

Some of my former brides have done this in a fun way. They ask for each guest’s favorite song to dance to on their RSVP card.  Those cards (after you creating seating charts and stuff) turn into a list of “must play” songs for your DJ and band. 

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I hope that these 5 simple tips help you to ensure that you have one heck of a party with lots of dancing!  I’d love it if you would comment below on any tips you think I missed or any tips you especially liked. 

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Are you getting married and looking for a photographer?

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I’d really love to chat briefly to learn about you and your sweatheart and what you have planning for your wedding.  Click HERE to schedule a free consultation by phone or video chat!!

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