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Create Something with your images!

Create Something with your images!

I firmly believe that if you hire a professional photographer, you should get a professionally printed product.  That could be an image or album, or piece of wall art.  Either way, make sure that you purchase something that you can share for generations.

album book

My kids love to sit in my mother’s closet and go through all the images she has from past generations.  Some are in boxes (some she printed in the 70’s of when I was growing up) and some black and white images that were printed when my great great grandparents went to a professional photographer and purchased a print for their family.  To see their faces and feel a bit closer to them isn’t something that can be measured in dollars.

Just remember that when you print at a store (think Walgreens), the paper and ink isn’t the same and won’t last for years, I encourage you to get even just one professional 8×10 that will last forever.  See below for links to sites that I got to agree to discounts for my clients.  These aren’t like the lab I use, but they are much better than stores and will last longer.

A favorite product for my clients is an album.  It’s beautiful and my children’s favorite way to look at images.  You get a large number of images all in one place that you can put on a bookshelf or coffee table.  I usually create them for weddings, but more and more families and seniors are purchasing them to have forever.

When you want to print yourself, use these link -which I’ve set up to include discounts for my clients:

  • Tiny Prints  Photo prints, christmas cards, senior announcements, invitations and more.
  • Shutterfly  Inexpensive books (definitely not the quality of the album I created in the video above, but I encourage my clients to print their cell phone picture in a book like this or you can lose those images!)

The bottom line is to print, print, print.  Don’t loose all those images you have with a disc that breaks or a computer or thumb drive that crashes.  Create those family heirlooms!