My older daughter who’s 24 years old now and getting married next year, came over yesterday and we spent hours looking at our family photo albums of when she grew up.  She laughed at the old style photo albums with the plastic covering and didn’t know why I had things so flimsy and ugly.  I explained to her that back in those days they didn’t have the fun, easy and durable albums or photo books that are available today.

The joy that my four children ages 12 – 26 years old love to look through my old ugly albums and you’ll be so happy that you preserved your photos is such a durable and beautiful way.  I highly recommend making an album with each of your photo sessions, as you’ll thank me years later down the road when your kids enjoy looking through them, like my daughter did with me.

This company is the one I found that has the balance of professional and durable products with fun, pretty, and creative designs at a very affordable price.

Click on the picture above or link below to check out the different options you can choose to surprise your family, and don’t forget to thank me 20 years from now, haha!

Photobooks by Mixbook

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