What should I wear to my family portraits?  What to wear is always the question that client’s ask me. My biggest suggestion is coordinate, not necessarily match.

Pick 2 or 3 colors that you want to use, keeping in mind the room in your home that you want to display your wall portrait. If you have red walls, do you want to wear greens and have it look too “Christmasy”? Do you want to wear orange and browns if your family room is teal and grey?what to wear for holiday family portraits

Note to moms:  Choose your outfit first and arrange the other clothing around what you feel you look your best in.  I recognize that if you don’t look good, you won’t love the portraits, and I want you to LOVE them! I am a big advocate of moms being in pictures with their kids, because they are often the unseen behind the camera. Plan to have fun, to laugh, and to smile!  Just relax and let me do the work.


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